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Haydn UP

Haydn® UP™ Recycled Mini Fabric Roller Covers 2 Pack

Haydn® UP™ Recycled Mini Fabric Roller Covers 2 Pack

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Haydn® UP Mini Fabric Roller Covers not only deliver exceptional performance, but also prioritise sustainability at every step.

They come packaged in recycled paper, reducing their environmental impact and showcasing our commitment to reducing waste. With each purchase, you contribute to a greener future by choosing packaging that is gentle on the planet.

The fabric is crafted using a combination of bamboo extract and recycled polyester fibres, making them an excellent choice for conscious consumers. The bamboo extract ensures a renewable and sustainable source for the fabric, while the recycled polyester fibres further reduce the reliance on virgin materials. By utilising this innovative technology, we provide you with a product that maintains high-quality standards, while minimising its carbon footprint.

Featuring a medium pile, the Haydn® UP Mini Fabric Roller Covers strike the perfect balance between versatility and efficiency. Whether you're working on smooth surfaces or slightly textured walls, these roller covers deliver exceptional coverage and a smooth finish. The 900gm filling density enhances durability, ensuring the roller covers maintain their shape and integrity even after multiple uses.


  • Use on doors and floors
  • Hard-to-reach areas and small jobs
  • Water and oil-based paints


  • 2 pieces
  • Fabric made from bamboo extract/recycled polyester fibres
  • Medium pile
  • 900gm filling density
  • High paint pick up
  • Low splatter, ensuring minimal mess and waste
  • Recycled paper packaging

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