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Haydn UP

Haydn® UP™ Professional Angle Cutter Paint Brush

Haydn® UP™ Professional Angle Cutter Paint Brush

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At Haydn®, we prioritize sustainability at every step. The Haydn® UP™ Angle Cutter Paint Brushes handles are made with Evergood, a sustainable composite that combines the strength of bamboo with recycled plastic. This eco-friendly choice not only offers durability, but also minimises our environmental impact.

With excellent paint pick-up, these brushes ensure efficient application, allowing you to cover surfaces with ease. Achieve a smooth finish with no brush marks, thanks to the high-quality bristles that evenly distribute paint for a flawless result.

To further enhance our commitment to sustainability, our packaging is made from recycled paper. By choosing Haydn® UP™ Angle Cutter Paint Brushes, you not only receive a high-quality Haydn product, but also contribute to reducing waste and promoting a greener future, one brushstroke at a time.


  • Sizes 38mm - 50mm for use on small to medium areas, fine tool work, cutting in around windows, frames, cupboards, drawers, doors and more
  • Size 63mm for use on medium to large areas, walls, eaves, decks, fences and more


  • Excellent paint pick-up
  • Smooth finish; no brush marks
  • Solid round filaments for bend recovery
  • Stainless steel ferrules
  • Handles made with Evergood bamboo composite
  • Recycled paper packaging
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